Front Hall Remodel

Well, we finally decided to tear out the closet in the front hall as you walk in the front door. We've wanted to do it for a while but it just wasn't in the budget. We finally bit the bullet and decided to do it before the 'Summer Season' gets officially underway. Simeon Jacobs, our handyman extraordinaire, is hard at work as I write and I should have some pictures for you all soon.

Welcome to Good Haven House

This is the only picture I have of the hallway and it doesn't even show the closet. It was definately NOT the most picture-worthy part of the house

A big bonus will be no more musty smell when you walk in the front door..... Woo-Hoo! Even though you couldn't smell it upstairs, that odor used to drive me crazy.

And now MY favorite part begins, the search for a chest of drawers and an interesting mirror OR a pretty halltree to put against the east wall. Maybe I can even find it in the budget to hang a new light fixture in the hall. Jennifer's, here I come! Hopefully it will all turn out to be worthy of some new photos on the Good Haven House slide show. Stay tuned!

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