Perdido Kid's Park

Alas, we don't have little kids anymore and so I hadn't had a chance to visit the new Perdido Kids Park yet, even though I've driven past the front gate often.

A huge fort themed jungle gym.

A guest we had at Good Haven House this summer took her son there and raved about it so I wanted to share it with you.

The climbing wall with a Blue Angels theme.

Built in 7 days by families from the neighborhood and over 200 Marines a day. All volunteered their time with professional direction from representatives of Leathers and Associates, who designed the park using input from area children.

The Marines and family volunteers.

It is full of play equipment such as two forts, a turtle slide, a lighthouse, a pirate ship, and Blue Angels planes that all have a great Pensacola connection. There's a climbing wall, nature trail, butterfly garden and covered pavilions with picnic tables also.

'Blue Angel plane' play equipment.

If you have little ones this will be a fun outing for you.

It's about 6.5 miles from the house,
located on Gulf Beach Highway (CR292A) .8 miles west of Blue Angel Parkway (Hwy 173),
the entrance is on the north side of the street.

Lots more pictures of Perdido Kids Park

Oh, to be a kid again!



Derby and Foster

via Flickr by threedrodi

Meet Derby and Foster.
They came for a vacation at Good Haven House in the Spring.

via Flickr by threedrodi

Here's what their owners had to say "We had a great time at Good Haven House but our dogs had an even better time! They are older dogs and acted years younger - wanting to play non-stop. The yard and access to water was ideal. "

via Flickr by threedrodi

"Thanks so much Susan for allowing our pets to come with us - made all the difference in the world."

via flickr by threedrodi

Thank you all for staying here and allowing us to share your wonderful photos.

See the whole photostream of Derby and Foster having fun at Good Haven House

See you at the beach!


Happy Friday!

This weekend I wish you a long walk on the beach with someone you love waiting at the end of it.

Happy Friday!


photo by Shelby Mash via flickr


Double Rainbow Over Good Haven House


Last September, after a particularly long thunderstorm, it finally stopped raining. I went to look out the window and this is what greeted me!


A full double rainbow!


I grabbed my camera and ran back and forth, up and down, front yard, back yard, breakfast balcony, and deck like a crazy woman trying to get a shot of the whole thing before it disappeared.........I never did.

Absolutely astonishing and fleetingly beautiful.

See you under the rainbow



The Biggest Pet Yet

Not that it's a contest, (please don't call and ask if you can bring your baby elephant :), but I think we had our biggest pet yet a few weeks ago.

Buddy 2010

Meet Buddy, a 2 year old English Mastiff, who weighs in at 130 pounds. He will be much bigger the next time he comes as his owner told me English Mastiffs typically reach maturity at 3 years old and his predecessor weighed in at 230lbs! He came with his newly adopted family who rescued him just 2 months before they were to vacation at Good Haven House.

Buddy Food Bowl 2010

I think he liked his first vacation!

Thank you to Buddy's owners for sending along these great photos of the newest addition to their family.

See you at the beach! -Susan


Happy Friday!


Remember backyard camping and that delicious, scary feeling when you heard bears (the neighbors cat going through the hedge) and witches (the breeze rustling the leaves)? Dive for your sleeping bag and pull it up over your head. Sshhhhh, stop giggling, what's that?!

Hope you have a magical weekend.


Image from Country Living, June 2010


Aerial View of the Perdido Area


The arrow points to Good Haven House. See how close we are to the beautiful beaches of Perdido Key.

See you on the beach!


Happy Friday!

relaxing on the beach

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability" -Sam Keen, philosopher

I wish you all a relaxing weekend.


Photo by meli254 via Flickr