The Oil Spill

I can't tell you how upset we are about the oil spill that has taken oil workers lives and is threatening the Pensacola and Perdido areas' water and shoreline. Very little information has been available as nobody really seems to know exactly what's going on (except that there's alot of oil spilling uncontrollably into the Gulf Of Mexico). It's very frustrating for everyone.

Pensacola News Journal

Following are some links that provide reliable, up-to-the-minute information about the spill and it's effects in the Perdido/Pensacola area:

The Pensacola News Journal
The Pensacola News Journal Special Oil Spill Coverage
Visit Florida.com
Gulf Islands National Seashore
BP Oil Disaster Interactive Map
USA Today

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I am hoping (against hope) that even if the oil reaches our shores, it won't get into Perdido Bay. The bay is affected by the ocean tides but only has 2 connections to it, a very narrow pass into the Gulf just past the Florida/Alabama state line and Ono Island called Perdido Pass, and the Intercoastal Waterway out into Big Lagoon (after all it isn't called Perdido (lost or hidden in Spanish) Bay for nothing).

In the mean time we are praying for the families that lost loved ones in the explosion, for the safety of all of the relief workers and for the wildlife and ecosystems in all of the affected areas.

U. S. National Park Service Photo

Report oiled shorelines to 866-448-5816. Report oiled wildlife to 866-557-1401

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