One of our family's favorite things to do together is head to the beach with an empty bucket and go shelling. Everyone from grandparents to toddlers enjoys a good treasure hunt and you never know what you might find besides seashells! Driftwood, fisherman's floats, coral, sand dollars, sea glass and all sorts of interesting stuff washes up, especially after a good storm or day of heavy surf.

The best place to look for shells is at the high tide line where the seaweed washes up and lines the sand.

Please, be careful not to take shells with live creatures inside or live sand dollars. It's the law in Florida. These shells are their homes, and we need them to live and do the things that they do to keep the ecological balance of our waters and coastline. All empty shells are fair game on Perdido Key.  
seashells.org is a great site to help you identify your finds, with tips on cleaning and preserving shells and other sea life and what to do with your new found treasures.


Pictured below are some of the most common shells you'll find on Perdido Key.

 Ark Shells
 Arks (turkey wings)

Auger Shells

Scotch Bonnet 

Fighting Conch 

Jewel Boxes

Moon Shell
 Moon Shells

Great Eastern Murex


Branded Olives
Lettered Olives

scallop shells

pictures and lots more info about the above pictured shells courtesy of Picard Realty Rentals

See you at the beach,

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